Mansfield Heliflight Launches New Aircraft Charter Service

Milton, VT - May 30, 2017 - Mansfield Heliflight, Inc., announced the return of locally based aircraft charter service to the Burlington, VT area using it’s TBM 700 turboprop aircraft.

Mansfield Heliflight offers FAA approved Part 135 Charter Service using the TBM which has the reliability of a jet and near jet speeds, up to 345 MPH, but the economical cost of a turboprop. The TBM has seating for up to 5 passengers meaning that a one-way flight from Burlington to the Boston/Bedford, Massachusetts area can cost as little as $300.00 per passenger and take around 30 minutes.

“Vermont is a state that focuses on local companies and we felt it was important to provide a locally based aircraft charter business to support the many Vermont businesses and individuals whose travels needs are not efficiently satisfied by the airlines.” said Eric Chase, CEO and President of Mansfield Heliflight.

Mansfield’s charter service allows customers to skip many of the hassles associated with airline travel, including long security lines and connecting flights, enabling them to leave when they want and to travel in privacy and comfort. Charter also provides customers with access to 5,200 airports throughout the US versus only 560 that are served by scheduled airlines, enabling customers to often fly to their destination non-stop and avoiding the need for lengthy ground transportation after they land.

“Unless you are traveling to a hub cities with direct flights, a connection is usually required and turns what may take only 4 hours of flying into a full day ordeal. If you are flying from Burlington to Boston, Maine, or Upstate NY, there are just no good options,” continued Chase. “Travel enables local businesses to expand their customer bases and is a critical economic engine for our state. Our capabilities now provide  businesses and individuals with an efficient and cost effective air travel solution that can take them as far west as St. Louis and as far south as parts of Florida, non-stop.”

The company plans to add it’s Citation II jet, with seating for up to 8 passengers, to the charter fleet in the near future and plans to add a Phenom 100 jet with seating for up to 5 passengers by early 2018. These additional aircraft will provide Mansfield’s customers with additional options whether they need to travel within the Northeastern United States or cross-country.

Mansfield's pilots have logged over 20,000 incident-free hours and it’s flight-worthiness records, procedures, and insurance meet or exceed FAA and industry standards.