The Mansfield Aviation Experience


No More Waiting On Lines

Air travel can be difficult at any time, with long security lines, packed gates and tight seating quarters. These issues can be made even worse in bad weather or if you have to catch a connecting flight. With private charter, you can drive right up to the aircraft or board via one of the many private terminals

DePart when You Want

Charter flights are scheduled on demand, when you need them, and can be ready to go in as little as 24 hours. Instead of trying to fit into an airline's flight schedule, your charter flight can work around your work schedule.


fly in comfort and privacy

Mansfield's fleet of turboprop and jet aircraft provide comfortable executive seating for between 5-8 passengers depending on the aircraft. There are no middle seats and there is space to spread out and work or relax during you flight. Besides the pilots, only you and your party will be aboard the aircraft, providing you with the ultimate privacy. Additionally, catering and other ammenities can be provided 

Fly Where You need to go Nonstop

When traveling on airlines, you are limited to the few hundred major airports that they serve. Major airlines offer service to 560 airports in the US whereas there are 5,200 airports accessible to private flights. Often, when using airlines, you are required to make connecting flights through hub airports to get to secondary cities. With charter, you can depart from the airport that is closest to you and land at the airport nearest to you destination, often saving hours.